Where Have All the Pianists Gone?

Actually this article could have been titled: “Where have all the gigs or places to play gone?”

“Time flies when you’re having fun”. I’ve participated in, and completed more than 15,000 live music engagements in Dallas-Ft. Worth area since 1983. I feel like I’m just getting warmed up, too. So here is an experienced opinion about, Where have all the pianists gone?

The common denominator here is that the usual public places to play (Lobbies, Restaurants, Bars) have dwindled exponentially each year. While there are some exceptions, (and “Our Pianists” are doing many of those coveted steady gigs) much of this type of amenity which was commonplace is now becoming less and less. Flat Screen TV’s and MUZAK are the leading proponents that are vying for attention of audiences.

Historically, when “live” entertainment (Pianists) was plentiful, you would normally walk up to a pianist and ask, are you available for my private event? Because most of those outlets are gone, you’re not sure where to go and may rely on your party-event planner or agent or word of mouth. These recommendations are many times biased, skewed by commissions, and much of the time are just uninformed and limited choices.

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