bassThe Duo is what I call the next best thing. This two person group typically consists of Acoustic/Elec Bass and Piano.

A “Duo” could also be Piano and vocalist, or Piano and Guitar , Saxophone or Trump[et. Many of our clients prefer the Piano/Bass combination.
The following songs for the most part are Piano and Acoustic Bass. The piano used in these renditions is a Yamaha CP-1 digital. (Currently, State of the Art Model) We always bring our digital piano.( Unless specified.) FYI….. 90% of pianos in public venues are in terrible shape and make performing difficult, stressful and almost impossible for the pianist. Our Yamaha CP-1 digital ensures a balanced action, sound, and that everything stays in tune.This is extremely helpful for outdoor performances. We have augmented the following selections with a small drum computer for a slightly fuller sound.

Ken Boome Contemporary Duo-PART 1 Live at Terillis –

Ken Boome Contemporary Duo-PART 2 Live at Terillis –